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Core Values

Auxilian Insurance Services was founded in 2009 by two former business executives. David Hansmann and Rick Goldfien started Auxilian Insurance Services with the idea that your insurance agent should be your partner in accomplishing the goals and objectives you set for your benefits program.

We specialize in providing services geared to the unique needs of each client and we understand that small and mid-sized businesses require a competitive benefits package to attract and retain the high quality employees they need. Virtually all agencies have access to the same menu of products but how many of them really understand your business and circumstances? Our expertise in both business and insurance allows us to identify creative solutions using best in class products and funding strategies. We can often improve the quality of your  existing benefits program or add new and better options at a lower overall cost to your company. Why not give us a call and see what you can do with an agency that understands what success looks like for you, and can truly help you achieve it.  

Our Focus

We specialize in serving small and mid-size businesses with the kind of personalized attention normally reserved for large companies. We have a unique strategic perspective gained from many years working both inside and out of the insurance industry as executives with real life operational and financial responsibilities. We have been in your shoes and more often than not we can help you improve the quality of your benefits reduce your costs and lessen the administrative burden on you and your staff.

Our Value to Clients

Health Insurance can be very confusing and expensive with over 400 plans to choose from. For small groups and individuals the price you pay is regulated so using a qualified agent or broker costs you nothing and will  save you hours of time and probably hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even if you don't think you can afford a high-quality health plan or benefits program, we urge you to contact us to find out just how much you can do with a creative strategy and the right agent on your side.

     Insurance may be a commodity . . .

. . . but a great agent is not!